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Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring Alarm System Dealer


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NMCS Alarm Monitoring service begins when our Central Station facility receives an event signal from an Alarm System panel, the event information is processed by our network server, and an operator is automatically alerted to take action which can include alarm event verification and/or dispatch of police, fire or EMT/ambulance services ...

Key Benefits

  • 24 x 7 Service
  • Reliability
  • Fault Tolerance


Capability 1
Multi-channel analog/digital alarm monitoring receivers with primary and secondary telephone connections.
Capability 2
Fault tolerant computer network and power supplies which store customer and alarm event information.
Capability 3
Email and fax network servers which provide on-demand transmission of alarm monitoring reports.

Reference Accounts

Alarm Research / A-Tec Security / Armed Response Team, etc...
Alarm monitoring for systems installed and maintained by these alarm system dealers.
Presbyterian Hospital  
Access control, intrusion and fire alarm systems monitoring services for large corporate/government entities.

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